Surgical Robotics


Lecture 1: Introduction to surgical robotics

Lecture 2: Homogeneous transformations

Lecture 3: Euler angles

Lecture 4: Planar forward kinematics (with HD parameters)

Lecture 5: Spatial forward kinematics (with HD parameters)

Lecture 6: Inverse kinematics

Lecture 7: Inverse kinematics of a 6DOF robot arm

Lecture 8: Differential motion, Jacobian, and singularities

Lecture 9: Trajectory generation

Lecture 10: Differential inverse kinematics

Lecture 11: Kinesthetic haptic devices

Lecture 12: Teleoperation

Lecture 13: Force control in haptic devices

Lecture 14: Force fields for haptic feedback

Laboratory Tutorials

Lab 1: Introduction to robot control

Lab 2: Trajectory planning (writing on a white board)

Lab 3: Frame transformation and Euler angles

Lab 4: Forward kinematics

Lab 5: Inverse kinematics decoupling

Lab 6: Introduction to haptics

Lab 7: Robot teleoperation

Lab 8: Laparoscopic surgery

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