Actuators & Power Electronics

Note: This course is designed for mechatronics students. It contains a brief introduction to power electronics (Lectures 1 to 8), which is inteded to provide the basis for mechatronics design projects. The rest of the course, (Lecture 9 to 21) deals with modelling and control of electric machines.

Lecture 1: Introduction actuators and power electronics for mechatronics

Lecture 2: Magnetic circuits

Lecture 3: Transformers

Lecture 4: Diode rectifiers

Lecture 5: DC/DC converters

Lecture 6: DC/AC concerters

Lecture 7: Pulse width modulation

Lecture 8: 3-Phase inverters

Lecture 9: Principles of electromechanical energy conversion

Lecture 10: Force in electromechanical systems

Lecture 11: Rotating machines

Lecture 12: Stepper motors

Lecture 13: DC motors

Lecture 14: Speed and position control of DC motors

Lecture 15: Torque control of DC motors

Lecture 16: Induction machines, part 1

Lecture 17: Induction machines, part 2

Lecture 18: Synchronous machines

Lecture 19: Single phase motors

Lecture 20: Transient and dynamics

Lecture 21: Final course review

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