Control Systems

Lecture 1: Introduction to linear control systems

Lecture 2: Dynamic models

Lecture 3: Principles of Laplace Transform

Lecture 4: Transfer functions

Lecture 5: Effect of pole locations

Lecture 6: Block diagrams

Lecture 7: Steady-state error

Lecture 8: Transient response

Lecture 9: Dominant poles and zeros

Lecture 10: The Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion

Lecture 11: The root-locus method, part 1

Lecture 12: The root-locus method, part 2

Lecture 13: PID controllers

Lecture 14: Implementing and tuning PID controllers

Lecture 15: Review of temporal domain techniques

Lecture 16: Bode plots, part 1

Lecture 17: Bode plots, part 2

Lecture 18: The Nyquist stability criterion

Lecture 19: Drawing the Nyquist plots

Lecture 20: Stability margins

Lecture 21: State space models

Lecture 22: Stability analysis in the frequency domain

Lecture 23: Review of frequency domain methods

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